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13.220.50 Fire resistance of building materials and elements

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ST RK 1904-2009
Construction materials and finishing materials. Suspended ceilings. Fire resistance test procedure
ST RK 2110-2011
Building constructions. Fire doors and gates. Fire resistance test method
ST RK 2219-2012
Building constructions. Protective structures and filling of apertures with light-transmission objects. Fire resistance test method
ST RK 2429-2013
Building structures. Fire doors and gates. Test method for smoke and gas impermeability
ST RK 2884-2016
Building constructions. CONSTRUCTIONS FROM PANELS WITH METAL LAYING. Test methods for fire resistance and fire hazard
ST RK 3018-2017
Smoke protection system for buildings and structures ANTI-SMOKE SCREENS Fire test method
ST RK 3396-2019
Construction structures. Coverings are attic. Test method for determining the class of fire hazard
ST RK 3397-2019
Building materials. Roofing materials Test method for determining the fire hazard group
ST RK 3552-2020
Filling of openings for fire barriers Metal fire doors General technical conditions
ST RK ASTM E 1623-2016
Standard test method for determining the fire and thermal parameters of materials, products and systems using a calorimeter (ICAL)
ST RK CEN/TS 13381-1-2012
Testing methods for determination of factors effecting on fire resistance of construction structures. Part 1. Horizontal protective screens
ST RK EN 13238-2016
Tests of building products to determine the response to fire. Conditioning procedures and general rules for the selection of substrates. Entered for the first time
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