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13.220.40 Flammability, burning behavior of materials and products

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ST RK 1930-2009
Textile materials fire safety. Decorative, industrial, technical fabrics. Inflammability test method and classification
ST RK ASTM E 659-2020
Standard method for determining the auto-ignition temperature of chemicals
ST RK ISO 12952-2-2018
Corrosion of metals and alloys Pitting corrosion assessment
ST RK ISO 14624-2-2010
Space systems. Safety and compatibility of materials. Part 1. Determination of inflammability of insulation of electric wires and auxiliary equipment
ST RK ISO 306-2018
Plastics Thermoplastic materials Determination of Vicat softening point
ST RK ISO 4589-2-2018
Plastics Determination of combustion characteristics by oxygen index Part 2 TEST AT AMBIENT TEMPERATURE
ST RK ISO 4589-3-2018
Plastics Determination of combustion characteristics by oxygen index Part 3 TEST AT HIGH TEMPERATURE
ST RK ISO 9239-1-2020
Fire hazard testing of building materials and products Method for determining the fire hazard of floor coverings by exposure to the heat flux of a radiation panel
ST RK ІES 60695-1-10-2019
Fire hazard tests Part 1-10 Guidelines for assessing the fire hazard of electrical products General guidelines
ST RK ІES 60695-1-11-2019
Fire hazard tests Part 1-11 Guidelines for fire hazard assessment Fire hazard assessment
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