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13.220 Fire protection


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ST RK 1185-2006
Chemical production safety passport. Composition, development and applications procedures
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ST RK 2080-2010
Main oil lines. Fire safety. Put into effect in substitution of OST RK 153-39-15-2005
ST RK GOST R 50571.17-2009
Electrical installations of buildings. Part 1. Safety provision requirements. Chapter 41. Choice of protective measures as a function of external influences. Section 481. Protection against fire
ST RK ISO 14174-2017
Welding consumables ARC AND ELECTRIC SLAG WELDING FLUXES Classification
ST RK ISO 16852-2017
Flame Arresters Performance Requirements, Test Methods and Limitations of Use
ST RK ISO 1716-2017
TESTING THE PRODUCT BY REACTION TO FIRE Determination of the total calorific value (calorific value)
ST RK ISO 3008-2-2017
Fire tests Part 2 Elevator landing door blocks
ST RK ISO 3008-3-2017
Fire tests Part 3 Horizontally oriented door blocks and shutters assemblies
ST RK ISO 4589-1-2018
Plastics Determination of combustion characteristics by oxygen index Part 1 General requirements
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