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79.040 Wood, saw logs, sawn timber

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ST RK EN 1310-2017
WOOD ROUND AND SAW TIMBER Method of characterization
ST RK EN 13183-1-2017
Moisture content in a sawn timber sample. Part 1. Determination by drying in a drying chamber
ST RK EN 13183-2-2016
Moisture content in lumber products. Part 2. Determination of moisture content by the method of electrical resistance
ST RK EN 13271-2017
Fasteners for timber structures Standard bearing capacities and sliding modules of keyed connections
ST RK EN 14081-1-2011
Wooden structures. Stress-graded construction timber of rectangular cross-section of bearing purpose. Part 1. General requirements
ST RK EN 14081-3-2015
Wooden structures. Construction wood bearing destination of rectangular cross section, sorted by strength. Part 3. Machine sorting. Additional requirements for factory production control
ST RK EN 14081-4-2015
Wooden structures. Construction wood bearing destination rectangular cross-section, sorted by strength. Part 4. Machine sorting. Sorting machine settings for machine control systems
ST RK EN 14358-2012
Wooden structures. Calculation of values of characteristical 5-percent product and sample fitting criteria
ST RK EN 1438-2017
ST RK EN 1912-2016
Timber construction strength classes. Visual distribution by grade and breed
ST RK EN 338-2016
Wooden structures. Strength classes
ST RK EN 351-1-2012
Durability of wood and products of wood. Whole timber saturated with a protective agent. Part 1. Classification of saturant and retention of the protective agent
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