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67.120.20 Poultry and eggs

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ST RK 1133-2002
Poultry semi-finished products. Specification
ST RK 1330-2005
Poultry meat. Specification
ST RK 1469-2005
Ready vacuum packaged meat products. Specification
ST RK 1574-2006
Preserves. Reconstituted fruit juices. Specification
ST RK 2042-2010
Hot smoking and cold smoking poultry meat. Specification
ST RK 2058-2010
Semi-prepared poultry meat and poultry offal. General specification
ST RK 2059-2010
Offal of a bird. Specification
ST RK 2061-2010
Poultry meat, edible offal and poultry meat ready-to-cook. Sampling methods and preparation of samples for testing
ST RK 2124-2011
Canned meat. Chicken ragout in jelly. Specification
ST RK 2157-2011
Turkey meat. Carcasses and their parts
ST RK 2355-2013
Poultry in marinade semi-finished products. Specification
ST RK 2357-2013
Minced meat of broiler poultry meat. (mechanical dissection). Specification
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