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67.060 Cereals, legumes and their processed products

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RST KazSSR 348-83
Curd-based buns for children. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 348-78
ST RK 1019-2000
Rice of Kazakhstani selection. Requirements for purchases and deliveries. In substitution of GOST 6293-90
ST RK 1020-2000
Rice of Kazakhstani selection. Rice grits. Specification In substitution of GOST 6292-90
ST RK 1023-2000
Wheat Flour "Kazakhstanskaya". Specifications.
ST RK 1029-2000
Culinary products. General technical conditions
ST RK 1030-2000
Precooked food of dough. Baked with filling. General specification
ST RK 1031-2000
Precooked food of dough. Pancakes. General specification
ST RK 1032-2000
Ready-to-service foods. Bawyrsaks (doughnuts). General specification
ST RK 1033-2000
Ready-to-service foods. Dough. General technical requirements
Price: $338.56
ST RK 10458-2019
Buckwheat. Technical conditions
ST RK 1046-2008
Wheat. Specification. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1046-2001
ST RK 1054-2002
Grain. Method for determination amount and quality of gluten in wheat using mechanized tools
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