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67.040 Food products in general

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ST RK 1502-2006
Food products. Determination of benzo (a) pyrene in grain, smoked meat and fish products by TLC
ST RK 1503-2006
Food products. Horse meat products identification. High-efficiency liquid chromatography method (HELC)
ST RK 1509-2006
Radiation control. Food products sampling. General requirements
ST RK 2.662-2019
Measurement technique Determination of the content of chloramphenicol (chloramphenicol) in milk, milk powder, meat and honey by enzyme immunoassay
ST RK 2.700-2019
Guidelines for the arbitration determination of the residual content of cephalosporins and their metabolites in livestock products by high performance liquid chromatography with a mass spectrometric detector
ST RK 2010-2010
Water, soil, fodder and vegetable and animal food products. Determination of 2, 4-D (2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) by chromatographic methods
ST RK 2125-2011
Identification of food industry and agricultural products. General requirements
ST RK 2380-2013
Semi-finished frozen dishes for the first and second courses. General specifications
ST RK 2397-2013
Food products, food staples,biologically active additives. Determination of content of vitamins a (as retonol) and E (as tocopherol) by the method of high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorimetric detecting
ST RK 2786-2015
Food, feed and soil products. Determination of methyl and ethyl mercurchloride by gas chromatography methods
ST RK 2788-2015
Methods of diagnosis and prevention of parasitic diseases and the control of nasal disease
ST RK 2807-2016
Specialized food products. Specialized triglyceride nutrient. General technical conditions
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