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01.040.77 Metallurgy (Dictionaries)

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ST RK 1891-2009
Precious metals. Terms and definitions
ST RK 3220-2018
Ferroalloys SAMPLING AND PREPARATION Terms and definitions
ST RK EN 10052-2013
Ferrous material products thermal processing. Terms and definitions
ST RK EN 10079-2012
Determination of steel products. Put into effect by Order
ST RK EN 10266-2015
Steel pipes, fittings and hollow construction profiles. Terms, definitions and symbols used in product standards
ST RK EN 12258-1-2015
Aluminum and aluminum alloys. Terms and Definitions. Part 1. General Terms
ST RK EN 12385-2-2014
Ropes of steel wire. Safety. Part 2. Terms and definitions, symbols and classification
ST RK ISO 16020-2014
Steel for the reinforcement and prestressing of concrete. Glossary
ST RK ISO 17893-2011
Steel wire stranded ropes. Glossary, definitions and classification
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