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65.060 Agricultural machinery, accessories and equipment


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ST RK 1038-2001
Labour safety standards system. Work place for agricultural crops seeds and planting materials sterilization. Safety requirements
ST RK 12.004-2003
Labour safety standards system. Machines and equipment for foodstuff preparation and cattle breeding. Safety evaluation method Ergonomic evaluation
ST RK 12.2.001-2011
Labour safety standards system. Agricultural equipment test. Machine operators working conditions evaluation procedures. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 11.003-2003
ST RK EN 14017-2017
Agricultural and forestry engineering Solid fertilizer spreaders Safety
ST RK GOST R 53489-2011
Labour safety standards system. Mounted and trailed agricultural machines. General safety requirements
ST RK ISO 1740-2009
Fat milk products and butter. Determination of fat acidity value (control method)
ST RK ISO 6090-2009
Milk and powder milk, buttermilk and powder buttermilk, whey and powder whey. Determination of phosphatase activity
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