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59.060.10 Natural fibers

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ST RK 1095-2019
Cotton-fiber Specifications
ST RK 1096-2002
Standard samples of cotton fibre. Manufacturing and application procedure
ST RK 1403-2005
Raw-cotton. Specification
ST RK 1404-2005
Raw cotton master samples. Manufacturing and application procedure
ST RK 1593-2006
Raw cotton. Methods for determination of weed infestation
ST RK 1594-2006
Raw-cotton. Methods of determining sort
ST RK 1595-2006
Raw cotton processing. Terms and definitions
ST RK 1596-2006
Linter. Specification
ST RK 1597-2006
Plant raw cotton and cotton plant seeds for sowing. Sampling method
ST RK 2254-2012
Washed harsh wool subjected to carding and combing (combed sliver, tops, bams, opentops). Specification
ST RK 3326-2018
Cotton fiber. Maturity determination methods
ST RK 3327-2018
Cotton fiber. Methods for determining the specific breaking load
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